Step 1

fitting your monitor step 1

Apply water based lubricant gel to the stripey side of the electrode. Then place gel side down under the saddle - underneath the stirrup bar area.

Step 2

fitting your monitor step 2

Ensure electrode wire is clear of the saddle.

Step 3

fitting your monitor step 3

Apply lubricant gel to the second electrode and place just behind the horse's elbow on your girth using the strap provided.

Step 4

fitting your monitor step 4

Secure bluetooth transmitter to a neck strap or saddle strap running between the D rings.

Guide To Using The KER ClockIt™ Sport App

  • Download the app via iTunes or Google Play and follow the link in the confirmation email to register your account
  • In the STABLE tab, select HORSES. Using the + sign you can fill in the horse details and save them to your stable. Do this for all of the horses you will be using.
  • In the STABLE tab, now select LOCATIONS. Using the + sign set locations as HOME, GALLOPS, COMPETITION, TRAINING AWAY etc
  • In the STABLE tab, set your work types. Using the + sign set your work types as FLATOWRK, JUMPING, HACKING, INDOOR SHOW JUMPING, INDOOR FLAT WORK, CANTER, GALLOP and COMPETITION etc

To start a session:

  • Click on the SESSION tab and select NEW SESSION
  • Select the HORSE that you are riding from your list, these will be shown in ‘my horses’
  • Select your LOCATION from the pre set list of locations
  • Select your WORKTYPE from the pre set list of work types
  • Don’t worry about using training protocol

To end a session:

  • Select STORE LOCALLY this will then allow you to view your recent session then press DONE

To upload your training sessions:

  • This is best to be done at the end of the day when you have a strong signal or are connected to WIFI
  • In the SESSION tab, select SESSION HISTORY
  • In ‘LOCALLY STORES SESSIONS’ you will see all of the saved sessions from the day
  • Select each one individually and you will be prompted to confirm ‘YES’ this will upload your session

Download our Guide to Using ClockIt™ Sport PDF