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Saracen Horse Feeds and Kentucky Equine Research (KER) have worked in partnership for over 15 years. Known as the most innovative equine research centre in the world, KER is at the forefront of both nutrition and the physiological fitness of the performance horse.  

KER ClockIt™ Sport brings together a modern way to measure equine conditioning programs. By tracking the individual horse’s intensity and duration of exercise, horse owners and trainers can condition and feed each horse appropriately to their work and career aspirations. 

Together Saracen Horse Feeds and KER ClockIt™ Sport can support the modern equine athlete, offering valuable data based on fitness and recovery, coupled with nutritionally sound support to nurture and improve the results. 

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At its most basic level, ClockIt™ Sport allows riders and trainers to track their horses’ accumulated mileage, see workout summaries, and understand how their programs compare to others.


Use the associated heart-rate monitor to see how an individual horse’s cardiovascular fitness improves over time. KER ClockIt™ Sport translates heart-rate data into an easy-to-understand visual chart.

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Nutrition plays a vital role with equine performance and fitness. For a nutritional assessment please complete the Saracen Horse Feeds Feed Advice Form and a member of the nutrition team will be in touch.

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